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Paper Lungs

It's an oddly serene experience to wake to little red dots on your white linens. I connected them to make a kidney bean. Your panic bothered me, as you wept with every selfish realization that one day you would die too. My elbows... Continue Reading →



She took his hand and squeezed it until his knuckles turned as white as their favorite bed linens. Her thumbnail carved a crater of elation in his palm. We’re going to be parents. They swung the adoption agency’s doors open... Continue Reading →

Optical Confusion

Spherical tomb. I wait, as color waves transfer into grayscale. Cobblestone womb. I am safe. The cellar beckons me with its wide open planks. Lower, lower, lower, the air gets heavier as I get lighter. Sun spots turn to shifting retinas,... Continue Reading →

Day Tripper

I wrote out the lyrics to Across the Universe on a napkin while my mom grounded me for drawing pictures of mushrooms on my school binders when I was 16 . By then I'd already claimed John Lennon as my God and Abbey Road... Continue Reading →

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