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Anomolisa—Another Kaufman tale about subconscious suffering, human desperation, and white men.


I wasn't planning on writing anything tonight, being it's 11:34pm on a Thursday, a school night. My initial plan was typical—watch a TV show, check Facebook, and go to bed. Things got a little fuzzier, however, 10 minutes ago, as I... Continue Reading →

Basically, they kicked ass. Check out my review and interview with bassist, Amir, Amor!

Is our generation really destroying the music industry? An article I posted a few months back What are your thoughts?

What can be said about Spike Jonze’s Her? To call it brilliant would be a crime of over-simplification, for the complexity of Johansson and Phoenix's relationship not only tugs at the heart, but at the rational human mind, and our... Continue Reading →

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