How to be a Woman Right Now

It's been a week...I got pimple on my chin, which we all know is social suicide, seeing as though neither a hat nor scarf can cover the damning evidence. I also got my blood drawn and vomited on my doctor.... Continue Reading →

5 Gluten-free Love Potions Sure to Make Your Man Love You, Dead or Alive!

Wheat-less alternatives to all your favorite romance-inducing concoctions! By: Stephanie D’Agostini Repeatedly find ways at brunch to bring up how much of a “boys’ girl” you are. No need to explain what this means, but extra points for mentioning you... Continue Reading →

Incivility and its Discontents

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its Discontents This post is part of an ongoing series meant to shed light on the power of... Continue Reading →

I’m not PC, You’re Just an Asshole

Yes, I go to NYU and am thus a liberal college kid to jaded conservatives. Yes, the exposed brick in my Bushwick pad and love for FX shows might make me a hipster by your outdated standards. Yes, I am a gluten-free dieter.... Continue Reading →

Anomolisa—Another Kaufman tale about subconscious suffering, human desperation, and white men.

What sets you apart?


We've all had those days. Waking up at 1pm, scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed only to get into a DEEP stalk of a right-winged landscaper from your hometown who reposts the NRA. Doing absolutely nothing to better ourselves or society. I... Continue Reading →

Paper Lungs

It's an oddly serene experience to wake to little red dots on your white linens. I connected them to make a kidney bean. Your panic bothered me, as you wept with every selfish realization that one day you would die too. My elbows... Continue Reading →


She took his hand and squeezed it until his knuckles turned as white as their favorite bed linens. Her thumbnail carved a crater of elation in his palm. We’re going to be parents. They swung the adoption agency’s doors open... Continue Reading →

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