Weekly Headlines 9/22

IKEA's new Nuclear Shelter Line is Giving Us Allllll the Fallout Feels [PHOTOS]


Cover Letter Template

To Whomever the Fuck it May/May Not Concern,

Purchasable, Untapped Book Titles for Millennials

Lit, Fam, & Bae: Words I Say to Distract Myself from How Sad I Am

Things People Say that they Think You’ve Never Heard Before

"Communism is theory."

I mean, it has 'B-S' in the name!

Weekly Headlines 4/28

We Went to Hoo-Ville and it's Totally Gentrified Now

Things I do to Pretend the World’s Not Ending

Some tips and tricks to distract you for the next 4(to 8) years!

Running into Acquaintances

OMG, SOOOO good to see you!

NYU Tonight’s This Week Now

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