Things People Say that they Think You’ve Never Heard Before

Here are some things you’ve probably heard a very smug and annoying person say, while thinking they are very special and unique for saying it. "I honestly looove not having wifi. Technology sucks." "Bernie WOULD have beat Trump. No question."... Continue Reading →

The 5 People You Meet in a Hostel

1. The guy who walks in with a guitar, fully encased, in his sunburnt arms, which are poking out of his Quicksilver tanktop. He has no shoes, the occasional flip flop perhaps, sometimes just one. One brave German girl asks... Continue Reading →

Things You Want Your Male Partner to Say Vs. What He Actually Says

WANT: I pick up on all your little mannerisms! You're so cute when you scrunch up your nose when you're mad. REALITY: I saw you banging your head into your wall because Sarah got more likes than you on instagram.... Continue Reading →

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I mean, it has 'B-S' in the name!

Weekly Headlines 4/28

"Percocet, Molly, Percocet": No, I'm not Singing the Lyrics to "Mask Off," I'm Trying to Tell Someone I Need Help Stuck in the Past: Girl Can't Stop Writing "2016" on all her Assignment Dates And Telling Everyone About it We Went... Continue Reading →

Weekly Headlines 4/24

The Bottom Line is Everything's Bad!

Weekly Headlines 3/21

Recipes for “Eating Your Feelings” When You Have None Understanding Trump's Administration: Caucus or Carcass? We're all Dead Inside. Wine and Cheese Pairings For Recovering Alcoholics That Are Also Dairy Free Braces that Shoot Venom: The Answer to Men Telling... Continue Reading →

Things I do to Pretend the World’s Not Ending

Some tips and tricks to distract you for the next 4(to 8) years! Eat a banana, peel and everything. The texture will confuse you, and you'll begin to realize that peeling a banana is a lot like deskinning a human. It's... Continue Reading →

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