How to be a Woman Right Now

It's been a week...I got pimple on my chin, which we all know is social suicide, seeing as though neither a hat nor scarf can cover the damning evidence. I also got my blood drawn and vomited on my doctor.... Continue Reading →


Incivility and its Discontents

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its Discontents This post is part of an ongoing series meant to shed light on the power of... Continue Reading →

I’m not PC, You’re Just an Asshole

Get woke, bitches

Optical Confusion

Spherical tomb. I wait, as color waves transfer into grayscale. Cobblestone womb. I am safe. The cellar beckons me with its wide open planks. Lower, lower, lower, the air gets heavier as I get lighter. Sun spots turn to shifting retinas,... Continue Reading →

Day Tripper

I wrote out the lyrics to Across the Universe on a napkin while my mom grounded me for drawing pictures of mushrooms on my school binders when I was 16 . By then I'd already claimed John Lennon as my God and Abbey Road... Continue Reading →

The Uncultured American

Our Generation’s Greatest Hurdle

There isn't much we don't have access to--We, as in, millennials, or anyone equipped with the skills to use a computer and the internet. If I want to donate to a village in Tanzania, I can type it into my search... Continue Reading →


11th and Broadway is home to a nameless homeless man I have come to recognize on my daily walk to work. He is 50 something, has incredible sparkling light blue eyes, and sits with his head down, knowing any chance... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned Through Stained Fingertips

The 2012 college essay that got me into NYU 🙂 In the midst of a playdate, when the thought of gooey dripping paint staining my fingertips lured me into the amateur freedom of tie-dying, I naturally found myself asking my... Continue Reading →

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