Incivility and its Discontents

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Sigmund Freud, Civilization and its Discontents 96 hours. 96 hours was all it took for my top trending FB news story to go from Rob Kardashian being fat again to this. From my friends' sharing brunch pics … Continue reading Incivility and its Discontents


Optical Confusion

Spherical tomb. I wait, as color waves transfer into grayscale. Cobblestone womb. I am safe. The cellar beckons me with its wide open planks. Lower, lower, lower, the air gets heavier as I get lighter. Sun spots turn to shifting retinas, my optics becoming unreliable guides into the catacomb. Circles, hollow, no. Readjust. The glisten redirects … Continue reading Optical Confusion

The Uncultured American

[featured on] Arriving in a new country is nothing short of overwhelming — something you learn when you take the wrong bus to a seedy area of town and realize that nobody speaks English. I woke up after spending my first night in Buenos Aires with over 15 mosquito bites on my body — while … Continue reading The Uncultured American

Lessons Learned Through Stained Fingertips

*NYU Gallatin Scholarship Essay 2013 (Scholarship Received) In the midst of a playdate, when the thought of gooey dripping paint staining my fingertips lured me into the amateur freedom of tie-dying, I naturally found myself asking my friend’s mom for “crveno”. She starred at me with wide eyes, with the bemused look of a person … Continue reading Lessons Learned Through Stained Fingertips